Silk Road Journey in China (Eid in China)

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In the celebration of Eid Adha, an annual Islamic celebration, I have the opportunity to actually have a week off from work. I had decided to visit two of Silk Road cities, Lanzhou and Xining. The Silk Road is the world’s oldest, and most historically important overland trade route. I am discovering those two cities through food, natural sceneries, and of course the people itself.

In this video, I took you along with me to eyewitness the Chinese Muslim in Xining (Qinghai, Northwest China) came together to pray and celebrate Eid Al-Adha, known as the Corban Festival in China, one of the most important Islamic festival of the year. “Corban” comes from the Arabic word “qurbani,” meaning sacrifice. During the festival, many Muslims travel to Mecca to take part in the Hajj pilgrimage, while others who stay behind slay livestock (those who can afford) as a sacrifice to Allah and will distribute the meat to the one who needs.

It was truly a humbling privilege and opportunity for me to see this by myself. It was calming experience and a self-reflection to my inner self. All of these feel very familiar to what I have been experiencing back at home.

The Silk Road or Silk Route was an ancient network of trade routes that were for centuries central to cultural interaction originally through regions of Eurasia connecting the East and West and stretching from the Korean peninsula and Japan to the Mediterranean Sea. The Silk Road concept refers to both the terrestrial and the maritime routes connecting Asia and Europe.

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I am Anissa Syifa Adriana, otherwise known as Syifa. I am a conversation connoisseur, Indonesian female solo traveler and make-up enthusiast. I started traveling in June 2014, a coincidence trip, where it was intended for someone I was very close to in the past. I never regret deciding to go because after that, I never look back. I am currently on my long-term trip since August 2016, and moved to China for an English teaching job since January 2017. I am currently living in Yinchuan, Northwest China and have been loving it.

Thank you for stopping by. Let’s keep it positive. I hope you enjoy watching and don’t forget to please subscribe!

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